Information for Students

HELO offers students experience in working with short term consultancy projects.

HELO aims to give students from UCL as well as London Business School experience in working directly with a business. They will be able to run a project with a team of peers, enhance their CV’s, get references as well as use the projects as course work when suitable.

Participating in a HELO project, the students will get first hand experience in working with a real life scenario and contribute to the success of an SME. They get to build their own networks and links as well as take advantage of training etc that HELO provides. Some of the companies are also expecting to grow as a result of the projects, so there could be other opportunities about as well.

The projects are varied and include for example software testing and development, building prototypes and developing products, materials testing, market analysis, marketing research and business analysis. Each case is individual and unique and the team will get to take responsibility in developing the project and the delivery.

If you would like to take part or want more information, please contact the HELO team on