Case Studies

Screama - Usability Testing Case

Screama is a London based software company with multiple sister programmes, first of which was launched in January 2010. Screama director Ian Collins approached HELO to gain more knowledge on the usability of their programmes.

Team lead by Ashton King, an MSc Graduate in Computer Science from UCL organised usability testing for a new product called Traqa. The project started in Dec 2009. The team made a plan and recruited people to do the testing in January. The company made a public launch of the product in January during the testing period. After analysing the results of the testing, they wrote an in depth analysis of their findings and sent this to Screama.

The result of the testing was so good that Screama made immediate amendments on the product and re-launched a new improved version.

This was the first even completed HELO project with excellent and beneficial results to both sides. Ashton has now started his own company Tigersense specialising in usability testing, he said: "Working on the HELO project was really beneficial and a great experience. During my involvement as an upcoming IT consultant, I got to liaise with real business clients, coordinate projects, and deliver recommendations. I came away from HELO feeling much more confident about taking the plunge as a freelancer."

Ian Collins, Director of Screama stated: We engaged with UCL under the HELO initiative to help refine our latest software products in preparation for launch. The program of work comprised some product research, usability testing, creation of user personas to help understand customer behaviour and improve our targeting activities, and following this we are about to extend the project to include support in developing our go to market plans. Working with UCL has allowed us to bring resources and expertise to bear at a crucial time in the development of our solutions. The recommendations and advice to date has been invaluable and we have been able to incorporate over 80% of the recommendations prior to launch. Our chances of success have been greatly improved as a result and we look forward to a continuing excellent relationship with the team at UCL.